WestWind Speedway - We Race To Drink !!!
WestWind Speedway
About Us
WestWind Speedway is Americas #1 destination for Motorsports Entertainment featuring Classes ranging from Big Wheels to Big Rigs , Our Beer Garden has 156 Beer Brands on Tap along with an unlimeted Supply of Premium spirits and Diet Coke available just 3 Miles away at the local 7-11.
Our "Track Girls" will Sure Entertain you with nightly "What T-Shirt" & "Win a date with a weirdo" Contests.
Our Consesion stands feature our "Elana Bobett Half fried Hot Dog on a Stick" and  our "5 Gallon Bucket of  Chili".
For the Kids , we offer a 32,000 Sq. Ft. Water Park located inside our infielf , so While the parents Enjoy our beer garden , they  can still keep an eye on their little ones from atop our Grandstand.
We Also offer a 235 Room Hotel located just behind the Beer Garden , So if your Bordering on the "3 Strikes Your Out Law" you are Welcome to "Sleep off" your Evening of racing Entertainment at Our "Mr.Smith ? Hotel"
To Get to WestWind Speedway Exit I-5  and head East for 32 miles , take a Right on Hwy 104 for 3 miles , turn Left on to Lakes Drive and go till you See "Winkey's Doughnut Hole  House" , Buy a Sack of Holes and on your napkin will be printed a Map to WestWinds Location.
All races start at 7:23 pm Every Saturday Nite January - December (Closed Groundhog Day)
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At Westwind we suggest You Buy 3 seats because Sometime Durring the Night You might Need to take a Nap , Also we Recamend you leve the Drinking and Driving to the Racers On the Track , And Please dont forget to TIP Your Servers , But Please Dont TIP Them Over.
    Mr.Smith ? HOTEL
      & WestWind Speedway Convention Center
                           It's A Drag
Always Moving forward WestWind Speedway Plans to OPEN Two New  Courses in 2014 on our vast 5 Sq. Mile  Motorsports Complex , First we are Opening a 2.5 Mile Dirt Indy Car Track , we feel this will put the skill back into the Drivers hands.
Next we are PROUD to Announce the Opening of our all new 1 mile  NHRA Drag Strip , During Testing this June  a Top Fuel Dragster  Driven by  Retired Racer Eddie Hill unofficaly set a New NHRA Speed mark at 430.76 mph. With a One mile timed section and a 300 ft. shut down area we  hope to bring new excitement to Both ends of the Track.

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